Alaska SR22 Insurance

What is Alaska SR22 Insurance? It is a form that represents insurance, and is basically a proof that you have an existing car insurance policy. The SR22 insurance of Alaska is actually a car motor liability that meets the requirement of the state. If you have to obtain SR22 insurance, your car insurance firm has to file the form at the Division of Motor Vehicles of the State. Apart from this, if there has been a renewal, lapse, cancellation, or termination of the insurance policy, your insurer must likewise inform the Alaska DMV.

Who needs SR22 Insurance?

You are required to obtain Alaska SR22 insurance policy in order to reinstate your revoked or suspended license. For some drivers, their SR22 insurance must be maintained permanently for reasons like being convicted for the fourth time or more of a DUI offense.

The normal duration of time that you need to maintain your Alaska auto insurance policy is three years. Even when you do not have a car, you are still required to obtain SR22 insurance; this is called non-owner SR22 insurance Alaska.

DUI Laws in the State of Alaska

You must know that there is a great chance that you will lose your driver’s license if you are arrested and convicted for Alaska DUI. Laws that involve Alaska DUI are harsh; and fines and penalties become even harsher if this is not a first-time conviction, or if an individual has been injured because of a DUI offense.

According to existing DUI laws of Alaska; once you are arrested, this will trigger two cases – criminal type, and the case in which you have to defend your continuous use of driver’s license. When it comes to your criminal case, this can result in grave punishments like longer jail time and payment of huge fines. Penalties might include attending classes on alcohol education, and the installation of an ignition interlock device in your car.

How Long are you required to carry Alaska SR22?

You are required to have SR22 insurance for three continuous years, or even more. It is a must that you carry continuous auto insurance during a particular period of time, even before your SR-22 status is discarded. If your insurance policy has lapsed or been canceled, your auto insurer will immediately notify the state of Alaska. In no time at all, your license will get suspended again.

SR-22 filings likewise mean payments of higher insurance rates during the time SR-22 insurance is enforced. Clearly, insurers have to maintain the record of drivers with their SR-22 for a maximum of five years into the future. This means they have to pay high rates until they have a clear record. Simply put, if the reasons for the enforcement of Alaska SR-22 insurance are serious, you will be considered a high risk by your insurer.

How does Alaska SR 22 insurance affect your insurance rates?

You are required to hold SR-22 insurance simply because of the fact that you have committed serious negligent actions. This only means that your insurance rates will increase accordingly. The amount of increase actually depends on the misdemeanor that caused the SR-22 insurance. Normally, if you have been charged with DWI or DUI offense, you are expected to pay more for your Alaska SR22 insurance. Likewise, you will be paying a substantial amount if you allow your auto insurance to lapse and your license is revoked or suspended.

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