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What Can You Reap from Auto Collision Insurance?

Driving a car represents a privilege not every person enjoys. It a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. Auto collision insurance has become a requirement for drivers. This type of ¬†insurance protects everyone, including a car’s driver. Insurance companies … Continue reading

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No Fault insurance and PIP – practical information

Broadly, no fault car insurance, also known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP), represents any kind of insurance contract where the policy holder is reimbursed for losses by his insurance carrier, regardless of whose fault an automobile accident actually is. No … Continue reading

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The Best Way To Protect Your Car From Burglars

How would you avoid turning into a victim of a vehicle robber? We reviewed statistics and tips from the professionals. Number one, the good news: Robbery in the year 2008 was down 12.7 percent from the previous year and is … Continue reading

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Find out what you should do if in a car accident

Unexpected and horrible are words used often to explain auto accidents. If you haven’t been involved in one by now count yourself blessed. Insurance companies know that sooner or later the majority of people will have an accident and file … Continue reading

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Are you wondering if you should pay for full cover car insurance?

Should I truly must have full coverage automobile insurance or should I switch to liability only to cut costs? Deciding on automobile insurance can certainly be quite confusing. Different options, legal terms and sometimes manipulative insurance brokers make things even … Continue reading

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