SR22 Insurance Cost

Wondering how much is SR22 Insurance going to cost you? There is only one sure way to find out. Let insurance companies compete for your business by comparing free no obligation quotes online now. You can save big bucks and a lot of time too.

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What affects SR22 insurance costs

It is a good idea to be familiar with the state’s requirements regarding liability. After all, SR22 insurance is nothing more than just a prove of financial responsibility. The laws are very state specific so you need to know what are the minimum liability limits because they will have a huge impact on the overall costs.

There may be court fines and reinstatement fees associated with SR22 insurance, depending on your circumstances.

Your driving record, the vehicle you currently drive, credit history, gender, occupation and annual mileage are just a number of factors which play an important role when insurance rates are calculated. In most cases, filling of SR22 form is required after unlawful even has taken place. It could be driving under the influence, driving uninsured or getting too may points on your license in a specific period of time. In other words, insurance companies will not consider you a safe driver any longer.

It goes without saying, that if as a result of SR22 filling you find yourself in the ‘high risk’ driver’s category, your insurance premiums will soar.

Can I reduce the cost of SR22 insurance

Even after accepting the fact that your insurance will be more expensive for most probably the next 3 years, you must not resign and accept just any quote you receive. Apart from your insurance company having to submit an SR22 Form to the local authorities, SR22 insurance is just a normal auto insurance policy and the usual cost saving tips still apply.

Consider reducing your annual mileage. If you don’t use your car unless you really have to, you will find yourself in a win-win situation by saving money on gas and car insurance at the same time. Combining home and auto insurance policies is also a good idea. Insurance companies loves this kind of combo deals and are prepared to give huge discounts.

Attending an advice driving course is also an option which you may want to think about. It shows that you are a responsible driver.

Of course, the only 100% proven method for slashing SR22 insurance costs is to compare quotes from multiple companies. You don’t even have to waste time and effort ringing insurer after insurer and repeating all your details again and again. Nowadays, it is much simpler than that. All you have to do is complete one quick online form and you will be able to easily compare quotes from top rated insurance companies. Having the ability to make an educated decision has never been that easy. Not to mention that you can save up to $450 too!

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