Non Owners Sr22 Insurance

Have you ever been pulled over for drinking and driving? Went out one night and had one too many drinks and now you’re paying the price? Are you worried your car insurance is ruined forever? Well let the worry go away, there’s a solution!!! Non-owner SR22 insurance might sound odd and bit weary at first but it’s a very helpful for those who have a DUI on their record, although it may not be the cheapest auto insurance policy.

The thing about non-owner SR22 insurance is you must not actually own a car, which is why it’s called non-owner. However, if you don’t own a vehicle and the judge has required you to use a ignition interlock device in the car you drive as a requirement of having your driver’s license reinstated; you will not be able to qualify for the Non-owner SR22 insurance because the other vehicles won’t have the device in them.

So what exactly does non-owner insurance do for you?

The policy is basically just a liability only. Meaning that if you’re driving another person’s car and cause an accident, your non-owners policy will cover any injuries to the people you hit up to the policies limits. For instance, if your state’s minimum liability limits are 25/50/10, the first number represents the personal injury coverage limit, basically $25,000 per occupant. The second number represents the maximum personal injury coverage the insurance company will pay per occurrence.

Basically, if two occupants in the other vehicle the insurance will cover $25,000 for each person in that vehicle. The last number represents your policies property damage limits; in this case your policy has a $10,000 limit. The downside to this is if the damage to the cars exceeds $10,000 you must pay out of pocket and with repair costs these days, that’s very likely.

In addition, any harm caused to you or damage to the car you’re driving is not covered under insurance if the accident is your fault. However if it’s the other driver’s fault you are covered under the other drivers insurance limits, if the person even has insurance. We all know that there are tons of people out there who are risk takers and drive around without insurance and it only ends up hurting others.

But this coverage is only the absolute minimal coverage, in some cases people will opt for high limits on their insurance. How does one obtain a non-owner’s SR22 insurance policy you might ask? Well the process for finding one is no different than the process for a standard SR22 insurance policy.

The first thing to due is to make sure DMV is not requiring an ignition interlock device. Second, you need to make sure this type of insurance fits your situation. In addition, you need to get multiple quotes from insurance providers in your area who will not only will an SR22 with DMV but also have the non-owners policy. The best option is to compare four or five companies to see which one will give you the lowest rates despite your situation.

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