The Best Way To Protect Your Car From Burglars

How would you avoid turning into a victim of a vehicle robber? We reviewed statistics and tips from the professionals.

Number one, the good news: Robbery in the year 2008 was down 12.7 percent from the previous year and is at its lowest point since 1978.

Now, the negative news: Robbers however stole almost one million cars in 2008, costing folks $6.4 billion. What’s even worse, thieves who discover private information left in the vehicle are actually working with it for identity fraud, a increasing crime with potentially overwhelming outcomes. Therefore, specialists advise do not ever leaving postal mail or private information, such as your birthday, driver’s license number or social security number, in your vehicle.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) highly suggests a “layered tactic” to protecting your automobile. The greater number of layers you have got, the better protected your car will be.

Layer #1: Common Sense

These are definitely no-brainer suggestions which you may assume everybody to do, but automobile thieves make a fine industry due to people’s carelessness – or laxness. Always do the following, even when parking for a quick timeframe:

1. Remove your keys from the ignition
2. Lock your doors/close up your windows.
3. Park your car in a well-lit place anytime you can.

Layer #2: Alarm system or Warning Unit

These visual or hearable products and markers alert robbers that your automobile is taken care of. Even though they do not always prevent theft, their presence usually deters it. Such as:

1. Brake pedal locks
2. Tyre locks
3. Wheel locks

Layer #3: Immobilizing Products

These products prevent thieves from skipping your ignition and hot-wiring your vehicle. Many electronic devices work together with computer chips inside the ignition key. Some other systems inhibit the flow of electrical power or gasoline to the engine until finally a secret switch or press button is activated. Common third-layer systems include:

1. Wireless ignition authentication
2. Kill switches

Layer # 4: GPS and Wireless Technologies Devices

The ultimate layer of protection is a following device that may possibly emit a location signal to a monitoring station or authorities as soon as the car is documented stolen. Automobiles recovered that way tend to be located faster and having much less damage. A number of devices combine GPS and wireless engineering allowing distant vehicle monitoring: In case the car is moved, the system will alert the owner and therefore the vehicle can be followed via personal computer. This kind of car recovery solutions are:

1. Mercedes-Benz TeleAid – One year free trial, then $240/year to renew
2. BMW Assist – Four years free (model-year 2007 and newer); after that period $199/year
3. Toyota Safety Connect – A one-year, free trial is included on select 2010 Toyota and Lexus models. The renewal fee is $139.95.

These kinds of tracking products are one of the best way of protection money can buy. LoJack, as an illustration, has an industry-leading recovery rate of 90 %.

Whilst most of these products will cost more than a few dollars, most car insurance companies offer reduced prices for vehicles equipped with certain robbery preventives or car tracking devices; check with them prior to investing in one. Nevertheless, there’s really no substitute for vigilance. There are tons of guys nowadays, just watching and waiting for you to slip.

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